Jessica Caabay Comedian • Registered Medical Technologist • INFJ-T • Overthinker • Serious but not really


So, you’re on my blog. I assume you’re actually reading it. Now I feel it is a responsibility, or at least, a courtesy for me to introduce who I am.

You can call me Ica.

I’d like you to know that I love books, coffee, the ocean, the rain, starry skies, perfectly arranged book spines, acoustic music and kind hearts.

I am not a people-person. I easily get socially exhausted. I need LOTS of me-time. And I’d always prefer to go out alone.

I always make sure that my heart is the prettiest thing about me. Because beauty is fleeting but a kind heart outlives finite breath.

I have anxiety issues. But writing helps me cope up with my overthinking.

I am a serious person. And this site is a reflection of who I am, who I wanted to become, and everything else in between.

Read on.

You are welcome here.