26 Reasons Why I Love My Sister


1 She’s my sister and there’s nothing I can do about it. The same blood runs in our veins. We have the same genes, same DNA, same face, same everything. We only differ in height, weight and beauty. Haha

2 She’s a bookworm. Me too. Yea. We’re both dangerous creatures. Haha

3 She loves food. I love it when we go out together and eat and eat and eat.

4 She’s a writer. And I’m a reader. Yea, her blogs are amazing!

5 She’s smarter than her S3. Yea! My sister has an amazing brain!

6 I got my OC-OCness from her. During my freshman year in high school, she visited me in the boarding school I’m in. She arranged my locker, kept my things in place, and covered books. Since then, I learned how to organize my things and keep them always in proper order.

7 I read ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ because of her. The Purpose Driven Life is one of the books that really changed my life. I thank my sister for buying it and lending it to me.

8 She taught me to read. When I was still a kid, she gives me books and asks me to write a reaction after I’ve read it. Since then, I learned to love books.

9 She buys me books. Most of my books since elementary are gifts from my sister. There’s ‘Katie Kazoo Switcheroo’, ‘Do Martians Take Temperature’, ‘A Walk to Remember’, ‘Chicken Soup True Love’ and ‘Requiem’ and ‘The Book Thief’ being the latest.

10 Eight years ago: She likes David Cook. I like David Archuleta. The two were the finalists in the American Idol Season 7. We’re competing who’s going to win. Well, her David did.

11 She loves pasta as much as I do. But I cook pasta better. Haha.

12 She hates me when I use her things. I always borrow her bags, sandals and even her dresses. No wonder people think we’re twins.

13 She provides me piano pieces that I need. I do not know where she gets it. But I’ve many music sheets that were from her.

14 She was my first teacher in piano. Before I took formal lessons, my sister had already taught me piano basics. The first song she taught me was ‘Seek Ye First’.

15 She was my editor. I was an aspiring blogger when I was in high school. But before I post anything on the internet, my sister would check my write-ups first.

16 She never hates me when I act like I’m older than her.  Often times, I act like I’m older. I give her household sermons. Like when she puts uncooked pasta in the fridge. Or when she leaves Bluey’s aquarium dirty.


17 She criticizes me when I sing.  Haha. Criticisms inspire me.

18 We make music videos when we are in our Actress Mode. We shoot videos at home, in the malls, and in the streets (?).

19 People think we’re twins. For me, it’s fun when people call me ‘Juvy’. Haha.

20 She was Ma’am Ellazar’s best English student in high school. Ma’am Ellazar became my teacher too. It’s a compliment when she talks about my sister in class. She says that she likes the write-ups of Ate. Because of that, Ma’am Ellazar liked my write-ups too. Haha.

21 She hates girly things. If my sister is kikay, there’s a big possibility that I will be kikay too. Thanks goodness she’s not. In fact, she hates pink. She does not like sweet-smelling perfumes. She does not normally wear make-up. She hates girly things.

22 I benefitted a lot from her Reader’s Digest subscription. Yea. I always read her RDs. And reading RD helped increase my knowledge.

23 She’s a planner—a meticulous one. She’s a good leader as well. But you’ll rarely see her leading out.

24 She has kids though she has no boyfriend yet. I do not know where she adopted her kids. But it’s amazing to know that my sister is mothering young boys and girls in the Adventist Youth Group of Palawan Adventist Hospital..

25 She has strong principles. When she says ‘I do not like that’, she really does. I admire her for that. She’s not like all the other women who are hot and cold. She’s firm. One-worded. Principled.

26 She is the best sister.

One reason why I hate her: She removed her mole. We have the same face now.



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