How To Start A Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals are becoming the new “in” of journaling these days. A bullet journal can be any notebook that you can customize into a planner, a daily to-do list, a habit tracker, lists tracker, sketchbook, etc.  It is an organization system that helps you keep track of things and do more with less.


You can start your bullet journal today

What I love about bullet journals is that you don’t have to wait for the New Year or new month to start one. You can start any day. You can start today! All you need is an empty notebook, a pen, and ideas to jot down.

Managing the Contents

Index and Paging

Some people like to have a Bullet Journal Index. Personally, I don’t like having an index because I don’t want to have definite page sequencing. Also I do not put page numbers in my personal journal.  But having both can help you manage your bullet journal in a more organized way.


First, decide what your contents will be and list them down on the Index page. Put page numbers and designate which category falls to which page. Some people use the trick called threading where in you put a page number beside another page number which has similar contents to help you track them down easily.

Legend or Signifiers


Legends are very helpful especially in tracking your to-do lists. You can try to create any shape or symbol you want. Below are the symbols I use.




You do not need to put the whole year in your bullet journal. You can customize your calendar either by a monthly or weekly basis. In my bullet journal I use a monthly calendar which serves as my monthly planner. In addition, I also utilize a weekly calendar in which I specifically list down my to-dos.

TRICK! Try using different kinds of headers and ribbons for weekly or monthly variation.




To help me become more productive I list down my goals per month and per week. I usually put them before my planner page. Personally, not accomplishing the goals I have listed makes me feel bad. So listing my goals reinforces me to accomplish more for that specific period of time.

HELPFUL TRICK! I fill the empty spaces of the pages with motivational quotations so every time I check out my tasks and goals, I can be motivated by the quotation I’ve written.



Habit Tracker

Track down your daily exercise, your water intake, sleep pattern, etc. by using  creative tables and graphs.


You can have a page for your Books-To-Read, Movies-To-Watch, Songs-To-Learn, Podcasts-To-Listen-To, Places-To-Visit, etc.

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Other Materials

It will be nicer if you use colored pens or highlighters in your BuJo entries to make it more appealing. You can also glue stuffs in it just like in a scrap book. Most bullet journals also use washi tapes to create borders and headers.

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Bullet Journaling does not have definite rules to follow. You can always do it your way. And make sure that your bullet journal will not only inspire you to make plans and lists goals but will also motivate you to become more productive and organized.

Bullet Journaling can change your life. You just have to give it a try!

4 thoughts on “How To Start A Bullet Journal

  1. This is so you! Haha. I miss you! 😀 Btw, any suggestions for songs-to-learn? Ung religious songs sana, Goal ko din like 1 per week? Pero I don’t know where to search or download songs

    1. waaa. I miss you too Sansan! 🙂 Hmmm. ano email mo?? I’ll send you some. Hindi ko rin alam san magDL eh. Binigyan lang dn ako ng mp3s. hehe.

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