NMAT Experience: October 16, 2016

The day has finally come.

A signal number two typhoon was hovering around Metro Manila yet there I was standing in a line together with a thousand more aspiring doctors who, like me, ignored the heavy rains and still pursued on taking the National Medical Admission Test.

To be honest, I never felt a pinch of nervousness or worry that day…not until I finished the exam. It was 3:50 in the afternoon when the proctor dismissed us from the testing room. I walked directly to the main exit of the building longing for someone to hug me. Or at least greet me. Maybe console me after my difficult day. It may sound exaggerated but believe me, it has been a difficult day.

difficult (adj) : refers to every single circumstance that comprised my October 16, 2016

Typhoon Karen was blowing its cold but harsh breezes around four in the morning when I woke up and prepared to leave. Before booking a car on the mobile travel application Grab, my sister and I prayed together asking for Divine guidance for the day especially for the exam. My sister knows more than me about the how-tos in Manila. For that reason, she accompanied me to the University of Santo Thomas and she never left until I entered the testing room. Typhoon Karen was already pouring that time. Funny thing, we only had one umbrella so that means we have to share. And given our body volumes (hahahaha) it was impossible not to get wet. To make the story short, I took the exam with my feet soaked in my partly wet flat shoes. And not just that! The testing room has its air conditioners at 16 degree Celsius. Every single cell of mine was freezing.

For security reasons, UST did not allow us to bring anything inside except for the documents and materials needed for the exam. Bad thing, I brought an overnight-bag because I’ll be going somewhere else right after the exam. Plus I have a shoulder bag where I kept my valuables and my lunch. So what now?? Haha. I was already stressed before I realized we’ve got two friends (Alen and Megan) with us who were not taking the exam. They were there merely for moral support. Sweet? I know, right. I can’t thank them enough for taking all our bags and keeping it safe until we finished our test.

We finished part 1 of the exam within exactly three hours. They were really strict with the time. And with just one-hour lunch break, we need to get back for part 2 which lasted for two hours and a half. Due to the typhoon, the large number of examinees, and the small covered space outside the building, some of us had to eat lunch standing. On the hallway.

That was so stressful for an introvert and maarte person like me. Hahaha. Now I hope you understand me when I said my day has been difficult.

But wait! THERE IS MORE!

Of all the days of the month, my menstrual period fell exactly the same day of the exam. So there’s actually a simultaneous struggle inside my body systems. My lower limbs were getting numb, my ovaries were going crazy and my brain’s getting dry for squeezing answers that weren’t even there in the first place.

I told you. It has been a difficult day.

Not to mention that I was not able to shade more than 12 items in part 1 due to the time limit. Main reason why worry doomed on me only after the exam.

Difficult day. 

Not convinced yet?

An hour after we left UST, I still feel a tingling pain in my back neck (been ignoring the pain since morning). Who would not get such pain after more than seven hours of looking down, reading through unfamiliar questions and shading unsure answers? Around 10 in the evening I felt a vein bulging, I guess inflamed. I can’t move my neck well. I can’t even laugh (to the maximum level lol). The pain was radiating to my cheeks. ( I did not tell anybody for the reason introverts do not want to become a burden to people around them). I used medicated patches to at least reduce the pain. It took three days before the pain’s completely gone.

Thinking of this experience, I realized this is nothing compared to the experiences I am to blog about (hopefully haha) when I am already in the medical school. This is just the start. This is just a glimpse, a taste, a fore view of what is really ahead.

But if you’ll ask me, I would never dare take NMAT again. Haha. So please pray with me that my efforts would pay off and that I’ll get the score I deserve.


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