Things I Do On The Internet When I Am Not On Facebook (Updated)

I know I am not the only person who struggle with spending too much time on Facebook. I know you also have experienced opening the app and then scrolling endlessly (and yet staring blankly) unaware of how much time you have already wasted. We are all guilty.

But I have been teaching myself how to use the internet wisely. On the app drawer of my smartphone, I made a folder named USE ONLY WHEN NECESSARY where I placed all my social media applications. I also make sure that all accounts are logged out so when my phone automatically connects to the Wi-Fi I would not receive tons of notifications and be tempted to open the apps and definitely waste time again.

So to make my Internet use more meaningful, I visit blogsites and websites where I can learn and be inspired.

Here are some of them.

1. Juvy Writes – This is actually my sister’s blogsite. I stalk her (sshhhhh) so I am aware if she’s already on diet or already dating someone. Oh, please. (UPDATE: Ate, I don’t stalk you anymore. I’ve heard all your dramas. There is no need for me to read them. HAHA)

2. –  I highly recommend you subscribe to this site. Very insightful, inspiring and faith-renewing. Blessed as you come, blessed as you go.

3. KrizSummer – Another blog site I highly recommend. KrizSummer posts about practical Christianity, Biblical Womanhood and Christian Theology.

4. Becoming Minimalist – Posts by Joshua Becker on how to simplify life. He’s got lots of ideas on how to declutter and how to “live more by owning less”.

5. Boho Berry – This one’s a fancy website about living a more inspired life. Kara posts about Bullet Journaling, productivity, achieving your goals, and living life with no regrets.

6. If The Moon Were Only One Pixel ( – You can travel the whole universe in this site. I am not joking. Give it a try to find out.

7. Stef Dela Cruz – A doctor who swapped her stethoscope for a virtual pen. She’s got lots of inspiring insights about the Medical Field. And she also gives free advices 😉

8. Pinterest – Wait. Isn’t Pinterest a social media? Haha. Well, social media or not, Pinterest provides me lots of ideas on Bullet Journaling, Bible Study, etc. It is also a good place to search for medical mnemonics when you’re already cramming for an exam. Haha

9. Thought Catalog – A compilation of thought about almost everything. My favorite authors are Nikita Gil, Rania Naim, Heidi Priebe and Lauren Jarvis Gibson.

10. MedschoolTodayDoktorBukas – I discovered this site when I was searching for NMAT Tips online. This is a blog of a medical student where I found lots of medschool hacks and study materials. Her experiences are also worth-reading!

11. Proverbs 31 Ministries – Lysa TerKeurst. I discovered this site from the Women’s Devotional Bible I bought. Here are lots of devotions and Bible Study supplements especially designed for women. It also facilitates interactions between women around the world who are diligent in studying the Scriptures. Better download the app for free!

12. LysaTerkeust – Being president of the Proverbs 31 Ministries and the New York Times best-selling author of more than 16 books, Lysa lead women in the adventure of faith. She posts about womanhood, parenting, church ministries, etc.

13. She Reads Truth – I love this site! It has Bible Reading plans and supplements to help every women have a deeper and more meaningful Bible Reading/Study Time. My favorite is the reading plan on Hymns. App download is also for free!

14. Brain Pickings – Lots of insights on Philosophy, Psychology and other sciences. This is food for the brain!

15. Tumblr – I know. Tumblr is a social media. But please, spare me this one. Haha. There is this thing called studyblr community (studyblr is for study + tumblr) where I recently joined. It is a community of bloggers who posts stuffs about their studying (e.g. notes, study area, school supplies, etc.). Plus they post lots of study tips and techniques. The primary goal of this community is to inspire and motivate every studyblr bloggers to do well on their studies. Works for me! If you’re planning to join the community, follow me @icademic.

And oh, I recently made a new tumblr account which I use as a personal diary. Check out Inside Her Beautiful Mind. I used this account to follow bloggers (outside wordpress) I love like womanintheword, poems-she-wrote, delightthyselfalsointhelord, preciousgoldpieces and many more!



Internet Connection Lost? There’s T-Rex Game on Google Chrome anyway.


[Originally posted on October 2016. Updated on April 2017]


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