Bullet Journal Materials and Stuffs

So you’ve decided to start your own bullet journal. Good for you!

Just recently, I made a post on how to start a bullet journal and now I decided to share with you the materials I use in my personal journaling.

Bullet Journaling can be expensive for some. But you don’t actually need expensive materials to be able to create your own bullet journal. I prefer shopping on  general merchandise stores (mostly Chinese or Japanese – e.g. Daiso, Japan Homes, Muji, etc.)  which have affordable and quality items I could utilize for my journals.

So, let’s start!


Most bullet journaling websites and blogs would recommend the Leuchtturm Notebooks which are expensive and are not readily available in the Philippines. I swear, these are really good notebooks. But for bullet journaling, any other notebook will do.20161023_171157.jpg

Currently, I use the Oxford ringed-notebook which I bought for only Php 89.00. It is an 80-leaf notebook with ruled and perforated pages.

Dot-grid notebooks are, for me, the best for bullet journaling. These kinds of notebooks are available at Muji stores and are rarely found in National Bookstores.

What I love about dot-grid notebooks is that it’s very easy to draw lines especially for my monthly and weekly logs. It is also good for drawing tracker boxes.

You might also wanna try Victoria Journals, EasyWrite Notebooks, Moleskine and Stradmore. But if you’re saving money, notebooks at Daiso or UniTop could be great too!

Other characteristics I consider are size (bec I bring my journal everywhere), substance number (I prefer 20), and the kind of binding (I love hard bounds).


Yes! I love pens! And markers! And fine liners! I use Pilot G-Tech as my main writing apparatus. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Pen is for my fake calligraphies. I use Sharpie Fine Point Pens for my headers and titles.



I also use a Sai Japanese Brush Pen which my brother bought me. Although, I’m still learning how to use it properly. Haha


Other pens and markers I use are: Stabilo Pen68, Dong-A HexaPlus Fine Liners, Colleen Colored Pencils, Crayola Colored Pencils and Faber Castle Water-based Markers for Kids.                                                                                                                  


I love having sticky notes in my bullet journal because they add up to the colors of my pages. Sticky notes also comes handy when you want to add items on your list but there’s no more space on the page. I also use them to insert motivational quotations on my daily to-do logs. 20161023_171652.jpg


I love using washi tapes as borders, headlines, markers, or just merely decorations. I got my Disney washi tapes at Daiso for only Php 88.00 each. The other washi tapes I use are from a Chinese Retail store and I bought them (all 9 plus 3 dispensers) for only Php 34.00.

Watch out for my next post: Ways to Use Washi Tapes In Journaling

Thanks for the read! All the best to your journaling experience!


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