NMAT Results Are Out…What Now?

November 9. NMAT results are finally out!

I have been trying to access my CEM account since evening of November 8 but the database server keeps on having errors. So first thing in the morning, I tried to sign in again. My heart was throbbing so hard as I stare at my iPad’s screen waiting for the next page to load. I don’t know but the Lord has given me so much peace the day before and it was only that morning that I felt an unexplainable nervousness.

To make the story short, I got my NMAT scores AND I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED.

I didn’t get my goal score—the score I have been praying for. Yes, I was disappointed but not discouraged. I know the Lord has something in mind for me that is why He gave me this particular score. To be honest, it is not a bad score. It is above the cut-offs of the medical schools I am planning to apply to. But because I set my expectations too high then I got disappointed.

What motivated me to aim for a high NMAT score, in the first place? I want to avail a scholarship. I know medical schools offer discounts to applicants who graduated with Latin Honors and has a high NMAT score. A scholarship would be a great help to my family. But seeing my NMAT score, it seems like the Lord is teaching me to fully depend on Him for my medical school finances. If it is His will, it is His bill.

What now? Upon the release of the scores, I immediately went to my computer and made a future plan. Given my NMAT score, I came up with Plans A, B, C and D. Actually, I’d rather call it Choices A, B, C and D rather than plans because I am still praying about what move I’ll do next. Included in my choices/plans are: to retake NMAT on April so I’ll have another chance to avail a scholarship, to push through applying to my dream medical school(s), or do both—that is I’ll apply by March 2017 and if not accepted, I’ll retake on April.

To be honest, this is a hard decision I am gonna make. Given the fact that I’ll be enrolling in a review school this November for the Medical Technology Board Examination on March next year. Nevertheless, I won’t ever let the sparkle of my dreams grow dim. Whatever decision my family and I would settle into, I’ll still trust the perfect plans of the Omnipotent God.

I know He’ll carry me through.



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