Why Do I Keep A Journal

There is just something about journals that makes me feel irrationally calm and happy. I love seeing my journal full-packed with words and doodles and stickers. I also love the smell of my old journals kept for a very long time.

But why do I keep journals anyway? Isn’t it just a waste of time, money and effort?


1. Journals keep my life on track. My planner is my journal. Having it with me everyday helps me to keep track of the events and happenings in my life. It helps me plan about the future. And most importantly, it helps me keep track of my to-do’s (because I usually forget).

2. Memory Keeper. Writing down important events and experiences in my journal help me to keep memories longer. What I love about it is I can go back anytime I want and read what specifically happened on this day and that. 

3. Inspirational Quotes. I also fill my journal pages with inspirational and motivational quotes so everytime I open it, I’ll get inspired to do whatever I am up to.

4. For Impromptu Speaking. Happened to me many times. And in instances like that, my journal always saves the day. Because every beautiful thought I read or think about are always jotted down immediately to my journal, I’ll always have something to share when I am asked to speak.

5. Stress release. Yep! As long as you enjoy doing journals and stuffs, it will serve as a relief to stress. Make sure to put colors and variations. Stress would hate to see that. Also once you’ve written down that particular thing that stresses you, it has no hold on you anymore. 

6. Writing Exercise. Every writer’s secret is writing down anything everyday. Whatever it is that highlights my day, I make sure to write them down to my journal not only to exercise my writing but also to…

7. Reflect About Life. There is no better way to reflect about life than spending time alone in a coffee shop with your journal and your pen. And the more you write about your life, the more you’ll realize how much blessed and beautiful your life is.

So start keeping a journal now. And see how it changes you. 

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Keep A Journal

  1. Your journal looks beautiful! I love all the different pens you’re using, and the washi tape is a nice touch. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog. I feel inspired to start my own journal now 🙂

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