I Wish I Am Watching This With You

It is a check off my bucket list: Watch a Pyromusical Show.

But not really. 

Watch A Pyromusical Show With The One I Love

That is how it is supposed to be.


There I was that night. Standing under the magical colors of fireworks dancing through the live orchestra. My eyes shining with the reflections of the glaring lights. My jaw dropped in the magnificence of the music-lights synchronization. And yet my heart was longing for something else.


Someone, rather.

As you hold my hands and we both look up to the glittering display of lights, I would whisper to your ears I Love You. Then you will look at me and say you love me too. A kiss on the forehead as your arms move around my shoulders. We will both cherish the night as we watch our dreams unfold before our eyes like the colors of the fireworks sweetly gliding in the sky. 

I wish I am watching this with you. 

But I am only dreaming. Wishful thinking. 

I wish…

I wish I am watching this you.

It could have been more magical. 

The night could have been more wonderful.

The lights could have been more colorful.

Because nothing, not even the fireworks display, could bring more color and wonder and magic to my life. 

I wish I am watching this with you.


Daniel Amor,

If you are reading this, I want you to know that you are my fireworks. Thank you for bringing color and magic to my life. You are amazing. 

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