I Started A New Bullet Journal (And Discovered 5 New Hacks)

Hey there!

So, yes! I started a new bullet journal because I am very excited to use my first ever dot-grid notebook which I bought at ShangriLa for only Php 150. I am not familiar with the brand (noted) but I’m happy that it’s cheap but has good quality.

I wasn’t able to religiously keep my 2016 bullet journal because I became busy preparing for the board exam that is why I am really excited with this new BuJo I have.

I have been watching lots of Youtube videos about bullet journals and here are some of the hacks and ideas I learned.

Disclaimer: These hacks are not originally mine. I give credit to the Youtubers whom I got the idea from: Mariana’s Study Corner; AmandaRachLee; alexandra plans; etc.

Hack No. 1 – Notebook Garter

If the journal you are using has a garter like this, you can use it more efficiently by placing it diagonally ( check picture below) so your pen will always have its place in your journal.

Hack No. 2 – Legend

Legends had always been my problem since I started bullet journalling. I tend to forget the symbols I use as markers. And I don’t like it when I have to flip through the pages of my journal while I’m in the midst of writing just to check what symbol to use. Thanks to this hack! It solves the “flipping problem”.

All you have to do is to cut a small piece of board paper (or anything with a GSM higher than the notebook’s paper) where you will write your symbols and paste it at the back of the notebook’s front cover. 

(My fingers and nails doesn’t look decent. Haha. I am sorry if that distracted you.)

Genius right? You won’t need to flip through the pages anymore because everytime you open your journal, your legends are readily available on the side.

Hack No. 3 – Washi Tapes Bookmark

We all have this particular page in our journal where we always return to. For me, that is my Blog Post Ideas and Reading List page. And to get to that page easier, I tried this hack using washi tapes as a bookmark.

Just cut your washi tape of choice with a length that matches the notebook’s edge and tape half of it to the page. Fold half of the tape so it attaches to the other side.

If you have themes per page, choose a washi tape color/design that matches your theme. I chose plain gold for this page because it only contains plain lists.  

There you go! You already have a permanent washi tape bookmark. When your journal is closed, you can just easily open directly to your page.

Hack No.4 – Month’s View on Your Weekly Spread

I am used doing the typical weekly spread where you just enumerate the days and list down your stuffs. Well this hack is better. You get to have a full month’s view on your spread while at the same time having your weekly-daily tasks in specific.

Hack No. 5 – Quote Page

I know. We all do run out of ideas sometimes. But mind you, not every page in your bullet journal have to be full and fancy. Some pages can be just this plain and simple. Just write down a simple quote or draw a cute doodle. Anything minimal will do. That, as well, balances the variations of your pages.


I hope this could help you. Thank you for reading!

P.S. I got a new fountain pen and I really do not know how to use it. HAHA. Ruined a page on my BuJo.


6 thoughts on “I Started A New Bullet Journal (And Discovered 5 New Hacks)

    1. Hi! My brushpens are from National Bookstore. The one in Gateway Mall has compete supply. While my fountain pen is from Daiso-ShangriLa.

  1. I love the washi tape. Wish I had started this sooner! I have about 7 journals accumulated throughout the past few years, and anytime I’m looking for an entry… let’s just say, I have a lot of flipping to do. It’s always such a special treat for me to go shopping for a new journal. And getting my hands on a real nice pen is almost as good.

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