This Is How I Welcomed Adulthood

I can’t deny it. I am old. Adulthood is inevitable. So on the day I turned 21, I made every second count because I know that for the coming days my life would never be the same anymore.

Photo Credits Jo Em


I intentionally put my birthday privacy to “Only Me” on Facebook because I want to limit my notifications only to those friends and loved ones who truly remembered my day. Plus I really hate receiving too much notifications in a day, especially, I hate to see my timeline messing up with so many HBDs and birthday wishes. OC problems, sorry. Besides, I do not regret doing that because I was extremely joyed to see few but sincere birthday greetings.

I thank God because the first day of my 21st year was indeed memorable. My family and I spent the day at The Manila Ocean Park (although this is my fourth time already haha) and traveled to Nuvali afterwards.

Fun at Nuvali. Photo Credits Jo Em


We had soooo much fun at the oceanarium especially that we have with us two curious, intelligent, super cute kids. But much even more, we enjoyed our time together in Nuvali laughing at petty things and just enjoying the company of each member of our big crazy family. (We were with the Alviars and the Galas siblings plus my boyfriend, by the way.)

Speaking of “the boyfriend”, I  was really happy for the little time I was able to spend with him during my birthday. But I was happier because for the nth time, he was able to join our family in gatherings like this and witness how crazy and cranky and corny we are. Haha.

But here’s the main highlight of the night: My 4-yr old cousin (Chelly) came to me while we were walking around Nuvali and said, “Ate Ica, kilig ikaw?” while looking at me and glancing a bit at Daniel. The whole gang bursted into laughter and I wasn’t able to say a word. I can’t believe she said that. But wait…there’s more!!! After we have finished our buckets of bingsu at Seol Hwa Cafe, we decided to accompany the Galas sisters and Daniel to his car before they head back to AUP and before we get to ours and head back to Manila. We were all busy saying goodbye to Daniel and to our two cousins when Chelly once again bursted in kilig and shouted, “Ate Ica, kiss mo pa si Kuya” (referring to Daniel). Everyone laughed harder as I defend “Bawal kiss, only hug”. I could feel extreme awkwardness that time and I felt like I’m drowning. But this kid’s humor seemed to me like a life vest. Haha. I gave Daniel a side hug and he hugged me back. But Chelly really can’t contain her kilig so she jumped and stamped her feet and laughed and…basta, she was really kilig. She became the center of the night and everyone can’t get over to how she reacted when I hugged Daniel. Yes, she is only 4 years old.

This is Chelly with her Chocolate Brownies Bingsu


Well, I guess, this is the craziest birthday I ever had so far.

Sabbath at Angono. Lunch with the Carpenteros at Max’s. Family quality time on Sabbath afternoon.  Dinner with the Alviars at House of Lasagna, Megamall. Manila Ocean Park. Lunch with the Alviars at Gerry’s Grill. Trip to Nuvali. Go cart with Gem and Chelly. Photoshoot at Nuvali with the boyfriend. Dinner at Banapple. Dessert at Cafe Seoul Hwa. Late night snacks back in Mandaluyong.

Indeed an awesome birthday!
I couldn’t ask for more because God has already blessed me with a crazy but loving family, a caring sweetheart, a license (yes!!! RMT na officially, 21 na!), and dozens of friends who always make me feel loved. I praise God for the messages I received because it made me realize how He has used me, in ways I do not know, to inspire other people.

Cake from Tita Grace and Tito Mike
A slice from the cake courtesy of Carpentero Family

Twenty-one it is. Adulthood it will be.

Dear Adulthood,

I never asked you to come yet but here you are, consistently pursuing me, joining me as I enter into a new chapter of my life. I want you to know that although I am not yet prepared for you, I am happy that you came. Here I am, look at me. Welcoming you with my arms open wide and my heart courageously strong. I hope you will be good to me. Lead me to places, people and even instances that would help me grow not only as a person but as God’s precious daughter. Teach me to be strong but gentle at the same time. Give me experiences that will bring out the best in me and teach me how to make my life worthwhile. 

I am warmly welcoming you. Cheers for the 21 years and for many more years ahead!




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