The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Hazelnut Chocolate and Tomato and Herb Linguine

Here’s the thing: I LOVE COFFEESHOPS. I am a big fan of Coffee Bean and Starbucks. (Speaking of, I am going to publish a comparison between the two sooner.)

HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE. Two months ago when I was yet very busy reviewing for the board exam, I used to go studying out in the Coffee Bean branch nearest my dormitory. During that time, the company has just released their newest drink called Hazelnut Chocolate. I usually order Ultimate Mocha Ice Blended or Hot Caramel Macchiato but this time, I tried this new drink. I never regretted! I love how the hazelnut and the chocolate complement each other giving it a Loacker Wafer-like taste. I strongly recommend this to those who love hot drinks but doesn’t like caffeine. And for those who are not a fan of chocolate, don’t worry, This drink has chocolate but it does not taste like it. Just give it a try!

TOMATO AND HERB LINGUINE. I do not like tomatoes. But not on this yummy pasta. It has fresh tomato sauce, some kind of herbs and cheese (probably parmesan). The tomato sauce is not too sweet and not too sour. That’s why it perfectly matches the saltiness of the cheese and the classic taste of the herbs. And regarding the pasta, it is perfectly cooked. Not to mention the crunchy garlic bread on the side. This dish is perfect for vegetarians or those who want a healthy coffeeshop experience.

In general, CBTL’s menu has never failed me ever since. From salads to pasta to the Ice Blended drinks. All the best!


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