Coffee Shop Dates

“It’s not about how long you spent time with me. It’s always about quality, never quantity.”

My sweetheart and I just celebrated our second birthday last May 8, 2017. It has been two beautiful years of being officially together but everything seemed to be just a blink of an eye. Not to mention the many seasons of friendship and growing before we finally decided to commit. It was indeed a glorious story of progress and growth written by no other than the Author of Love Himself.

Through the many going-outs and quality times we had together, our most favorite is our Coffee Shop Dates. Yes, we love coffee shops. We do not only enjoy trying out new drinks and tasting different sorts of cheesecakes but we, most of all, enjoy the quality of the time we spend together. We ask each other questions about life, our career and the future. We try to assess and evaluate all aspects of our relationship and decide on which part we need to grow more. We play silly games, and write hilarious things about each other. We read through our journal (yes, we have a shared journal) and sometimes try to write more things we might enjoy reading in the future.

Coffee shop date during our 13th monthsary. This was the time when we asked each other questions that both of us answered. We wrote our answers in a vintage paper and kept it up until now.

Our dates are more than just fling and kilig. We always seek for improvement, growth and most of all progress.

But there was one particular instance when I got too absorbed with my self-image on social media. We were on a date but I was constantly on my phone. I was busy alternately scrolling Instagram and Facebook on my phone while I sip on my Ultimate Mocha Ice Blended Drink when he was actually talking to me, telling me how wonderful his day has been. Sadly, I don’t seem to hear a thing. I am physically present but mentally absent.

Clueless of what’s happening, I glanced at him with my two eyebrows raised and asked what. I saw the frustration on his face. He did not say a thing and grabbed his Double Chocolate Drink instead.

He let me continue my scrolling for a minute or so until he couldn’t take it anymore. Without saying a word, he grabbed my phone from my fingers and placed it directly to his pocket.

I was surprised with his actions. You can just imagine me with my what-is-it-all-about face staring directly at him. I am totally clueless…until he finally spoke up.

We are on a date. And you are so busy with your phone. That makes me feel unimportant. What’s the sense of me being here if you don’t even pay attention to what I am saying. What happened to quality time?

It struck me.

I got too used with our coffee shop dates that I began to take it for granted. Take him for granted. I was busy feeding my ego without realizing what’s more important was being compromised.

I was tempted to retaliate and to at least defend my side. But I realized it was my fault, never his.  All he longed for is my time not my mere presence. I gave him quantity not quality. And I know he doesn’t deserve such.

Quality time is for quality time.

And then I thought of my coffee shop dates with Him.

So many times I take God for granted. I spend time with Him but my mind wasn’t actually on Him. So many things rob my quality time with Him. And I know He doesn’t deserve such.

Whatever it is that is taking my time for Him must be placed inside the pocket. God wants my time not my mere presence. He deserves quality not quantity.




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