What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?

Can you hear the raindrops? It sounds like music to me. And yes, I can already smell the coffee freshly brewing from the kitchen. I’m already on page 20 of one of my favorite books which I am re-reading as I cuddle in bed with my long cartoon socks and my favorite hoodie on.

I glance through the window, blankly staring at the raindrops racing down from the roofs, as I contemplate a phrase I just read. That moment when a book says one wonderful thought you can’t help but pause for a minute to slowly savour the words?

Oh yes, coffee. It’s done brewing I can finally take a sip.

Rain. Books. Coffee. Cuddle. Socks and hoodie.

THIS. This is what an ideal day for me is.



Number 1 on Know Thyself in 25 Questions


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