Be Patient, Dear Self




Since I left Palawan last week, my life has been a mess. I have been stressing about my medical school application for MCU and SWU-PHINMA. I took the international licensure examination for Medical Laboratory Science and I failed. I spent the weekend in my Alma Mater to attend my sweetheart’s graduation and also joined the Alumni Banquet. I have been really busy. In fact, I wasn’t able to keep up with my 25 Questions Daily Writing Challenge (if you guys are subscribing to that).

I have no time to write. No time to read. No time to pause. No time for the essentials.

I lost track of my life.

My bullet journal has been empty for more than a week now. Even my planner has lost track of my plans (as if I have plans). I have books left half-read, write-ups unpublished, unfinished calligraphies, unsung songs and online readings bookmarked. My unread emails is piled up. My ipad’s software update is long overdue. Even my personal Bible has been left in the shelf for days now.

I have so much to catch up with.

I have to get my life back together.

So here I am today. In an old familiar spot doing an old forgotten routine. Trying hard to get my life back on track.

I’ll be writing, again. I’ll keep track of my plans, update my planner, read the books I left, get back to the websites I bookmarked, finish my calligraphies, do what I usually do.

I am getting my life back together.

Be patient, dear self.

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