Today, I Am The Happiest


Indeed, I am!

And that is because I finally found the Stabilo Pastel Markers after almost six months of looking for it. Yes, I waited long enough. I actually have been to almost every National BookStore I knew but I always walk out in disappointment.

Today’s finding these treasures was unplanned and unexpected. I actually just went to Starbucks to have some time to myself when I thought of exercising my feet. So I took a walk to the other side of the avenue and found myself inside NBS.

And you know what? The first thing I saw was these lovelies. I was surprised because usually ,these are always out-of-stock. So without hesitation, I grabbed three of them (only the blue, purple and yellow are on display) and paid on the cashier. When I was about to leave, I found the other two (green and orange) on a different shelf so I had to go back and transact with the cashier again.

Well it doesn’t matter how I found them. What’s important is I already have them (YES! After all this time! BIG DEAL).

What am I gonna do with these?

You know that feeling when you get to own something very rare and special you just want to keep it and not actually use it? Well, that’s how I feel about these markers right now. Haha.

But basically, I’ll be keeping it until I get to medical school. I am also planning to use it for my Bible. You know, special stuffs deserve to be used for special purposes. 

Uhm. Nothing much relevant on this post. I am just expressing how happy I am to finally have these markers I wanted for so long.


Much love,



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