Today’s Happy Things

Happiness is everywhere. It’s in the simple things we do not often pay attention to. Happiness is something we do not have to find. It is something we have to realize.

While I was working on a calligraphy late this afternoon, I realized there are several reasons I should be happy today.

1. A DIY Calligraphy Flashcard


2. A Ray of Sun From the Window


Instagram Caption: There are many beautiful things in life I often lose sight of. Like the way a ray of sun shines directly from the window to brighten the exact spot where my brushpen strokes. #simplejoys #wistful

3. A Good Amount of Laundry Done Well


I know it’s weird. But the smell of freshly washed clothes gives me an odd satisfaction.

4. New Set of Brushpens


5. Last Few Microliters of My Favorite Perfume


I do not yet have money to buy a new one. I actually have been to Bath and Body Works stores and this particular scent is always out of stock.

6. A Cup of Coffeebean and Tea Leaf’s Instant Hazelnut Coffee


7. A Progress on My #ReadingGoals


8. Fifty-five-minute Phone Call With My Favorite Person


Psalm 144:15

Happy is the people whose God is the LORD!



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