Why We Crave For Quality Time


If you ever have stumbled upon Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, you know what I’ll be talking about.

My sweetheart and I took the Five Love Languages Test and we found out that Quality Time is our common language. That explains a lot why we always crave for meaningful short dates rather than long boring ones.

Just this weekend, we had a date which I can say is one of the bests.

We went for a walk at Nuvali’s Koi Park and we ended up playing fast talk in front of the beautiful man-made lake.


We asked each other the following questions:

  • Cats or dogs
  • Morning or evening
  • Your favorite trait of me
  • Hug or kiss
  • Bike or car
  • Flowers or chocolates
  • Three wishes
  • Favorite food
  • Indoor date or outdoor date
  • Your greatest weakness
  • Favorite fictional character
  • Rich or famous
  • Most trusted friend except me
  • Biggest lie you told me
  • One secret you haven’t told me yet
  • Where would you be if we hadn’t met each other
  • Funny nickname you’d like to give me

It was indeed fun! We both discovered things about each other we hadn’t known before. (Note that there are several more follow-up questions we asked but I just chose not to share it.)

That is why we crave for quality time. We want to spend time together not only for mere companionship but because we want to seek growth. Both individually and as a couple.

We always long for quality time because we are aware that there is so much more to discover.

We want to grow strong. Quality time is how we become strong.

As in every relationship, communication is key. Without communication, without quality time, the bond that keeps us both together will grow weak and eventually will break.

It is during our quality times that we are able to evaluate our relationship. We assess what areas we need to focus more and what areas we have already improved.

It is also during these times that we are able to openly tell each other about our feelings, when we hurt and offended each other and most importantly when we appreciate each other more.

Quality time is also the best opportunity to tell each other I’m sorry, Thank You and I appreciate you for ____.

It is the best time not to say I love you but to show it instead.


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