Bullet Journal Markers and Highlighters

I have been watching lots of Bullet Journal videos on Youtube lately and I have been endlessly browsing Instagram for posts tagged as #bulletjournal. It’s addicting, really. The mere view of minimalist neat spreads is oddly satisfying. And I can’t get over the different kinds of pens, markers and highlighters I find on Instagram. Which is why I decided to make a review of the swatches I have on hand. I’m sorry but I left most of my pens and markers back in Palawan so I only have a few right now.

1. Stabilo Pastel Highlighters


If you have read my post last week, I was super happy because I have finally found these lovelies. I don’t yet have the pink one, though.

These are very ideal for highlighting headers on your weekly spread. But Stabilo Markers are inking too much it has the tendency to penetrate through the page. Good thing if your BuJo has a high GSM.

2. Artline Brushmarkers


This is my new favorite! Very easy to use for brush calligraphy specially if you’re having a hard time controlling pressure. Also, I love that you can connect one marker with another through those circles and holes. Easy to grip too.

3. Koi Brushpen


These are the pens I used to practice brush calligraphy with. Very easy to use just like the Artline Brushmarkers but the brush tips easily wear out. It’s not ideal if you write with too much pressure but it’s good for blending colors.

4. Sai Japanese Brush and Platinum Color Duo


To be honest, I always find it difficult using these because I guess these are for experts. Haha. They got real brush tips that is why it is very difficult to control. But I find them useful in making color transitions or layering. Good only for writing with light pressure.


I hope you’ll find my review helpful as you choose which pens to use for your Bullet Journal.

Happy journalling!



2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Markers and Highlighters

    1. Thank you 🙂 Keeping a bullet journal requires lots of patience, actually. It’s really hard to keep up with everything. And Im really trying my best 😀

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