I Knew My Father Knew


I watched him with the eager eyes of childhood day by day
The way he lived said more to me than words could ever say
The simple truths he taught me
would endure my whole life through
And long before I knew them for myself
I knew my father knew

I borrowed his unfailing faith; I trusted in his love
I counted on his courage when my own was not enough
I turned to him for counsel through the perils of my youth
And even when I doubted, still I knew,
I knew my father knew

I saw his quiet witness in the tears he could not hide
As he taught me of the Savior, how He lived and how He died
I felt the Holy Spirit, as he testified of truth
As I began to understand the things I knew my father knew

I have found my father’s faith deep within my soul
A legacy I’ll treasure through eternities untold
And everything I try to be, and everything I do
I do because I learned to know and love the things
I knew my father knew


These are actually the words from Sally deFord’s composition, I Knew My Father Knew.

I just couldn’t find the right words to express my love and gratitude for my Father so thanks a lot for this song.

I actually made a cover of this song a few years ago but I couldn’t remember if I saved a copy of it.


To all the AWESOME DADS out there, enjoy this special season! We love you!




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