Student of Life (ABC Magazine First Issue)


I can’t remember exactly when and where I first encountered Abbey Sy. But I am pretty sure it was on the internet and that I clicked the follow button to her page.

I was already starting my journalling journey back then. And seeing this young artist’s works and ideas had a huge impact on how I consider my journal entries.

I know all of her books but I was hesitant to buy because I think it consists mostly of letterings and stuffs and not much of a “real content” (anyone of you who has her books, prove me wrong please). That is why when I learned she’s publishing a magazine, I immediately began to save money for it. I don’t know but I just assumed the mag has more actual content than the books. Haha.

Today, I finally acquired my copy (yay!) and read all its pages for like an hour. I am indeed extremely happy because the theme is something really close to my heart—LEARNING.

“It’s important to be fully interested in learning because it gives you more reasons to be curious and excited, to ignite your passions and to be open to possibilities.” -Abbey Sy

Through Abbey’s stories, and also those of other artists featured, my desire to never stop learning was once again awakened. I was inspired to be more “goal-oriented” while at the same time open to life’s surprises.

And on a less significant remark, my eyes was all hearts to the beautiful layout of the magazine. And oh, by the way, it comes with free postcards, wall art and stickers.

I must say, I spent my Php 250 wisely!

And with that being said, I must go now to layout my today’s journal spread.



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