Medical School Interview at MCU


I know this post is long overdue.

I had a unique experience in my application for MCU College of Medicine.

If you’ve read my previous Journey to MD Diaries, you know I did not make it to WVSU. So I tried to apply to Southwestern University (SWU) PHINMA which is in Cebu and Manila Central University (MCU) which is in Caloocan City. Unlike WVSU, both of these universities are private institutions so getting in is not as competitive as to state universities.

I passed the initial screening for both universities but the problem is the interview schedule which is too hectic given that Caloocan is an ocean away from Cebu. So I had to choose only one interview to attend. Long story short, I chose MCU.

But here’s the thing: I was interviewed twice. Uhuh. TWICE

First Interview

My first interview went really SMOOTH. Even the secretary in the COM Office was surprised that it lasted for only about 10 minutes. I was interviewed by a male doctor whose name I couldn’t remember. He was kind, gentle and friendly. Most of the questions he threw me are personal. And he ensured that I will be a good and excellent Centralino in the near future.  Baka mamaya mag-lead ka ng campaign or petition against the school, he joked.

All in all, I enjoyed the interview and I really felt that my presence is warmly welcome to the institution. The interview ended with a handshake and a warm “Congratulations”.

I exited the office feeling accomplished not until the secretary called me again and said I’ll have another interview next week. I was confused but I did not asked why. The following week, I went back to MCU for my second interview.

Second Interview

Unlike the first, this interview took twice as long as the first and was very serious. The interviewer was a female doctor who looks very serious and concerned. She threw me more personal questions such as What kind of friends do I have? How do I handle stress? What was the last thing I have written? What was the most difficult challenge I faced so far?

I could sense she wants to know more about my emotional side but I was totally clueless why. By the end of the interview, I had the opportunity to ask why I had to do the interview twice. Here’s what she said (nonverbatim): The reason why you are called again is because of the results of your psychological exam. You have a high tendency to get depressed and handle anxiety poorly.

(I took the psychological exam when I passed the application requirements three weeks ago.)

I was speechless.

That is when she summoned me to talk to the secretary and ask what’s next.

I was nervous when I walked out of the interview room. Much more nervous than when I went in. Am I not qualified? Will I be rejected again?

I was overthinking all possibilities and was actually preparing for yet another rejection. Despite, I still managed to keep calm as I sit and wait at the secretary’s desk.

I never heard a verbatim “You’re accepted” or “Welcome to MCU”. All I had was the secretary’s command for me to undergo Medical Examination as she handled me a form called “Enrolment Sheet”. With that, I assumed I’m in.

What Now

I finished the medical exam and was able to get all my laboratory results last Sunday. As of now, I am already on the enrolment process of which I am not sure I’ll finish because AUP has not yet released the documents I need. Also, I have been stressing about of my where-to-live because MCU is not a boarding school like AUP.

Besides all the stress and worry, I am thankful I have only a month to go before classes start. And I am still hopeful that everything will fall into place in God’s time. Through God’s provision.

Romans 8:28 –  And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.



27 thoughts on “Medical School Interview at MCU

    1. Hi 🙂 Wow! That’s great! There is no schedule yet but I guess you can start inquiring now. You can visit the mcu website or like the page on Facebook. Better yet, you can visit the COM Office 🙂

  1. Hello! I passed my requirements in MCU today. I was aware that there will be an entrance exam but I didn’t know it was immediately after passing the requirements. I was very surprised. Luckily, it was just simple questions but the time pressure is no joke. 😦
    Anyways, did you wait long for the interview notif and the interview itself? Is it sure that if you pass the requirements and take the exam, you’ll be interviewed?

    1. Hi! Wow. Good to hear about your early registration. Yes, I am quite sure you’ll be interviewed. Is that exam the IQ test?? I took two exams kasi, meron pang Personality Test which will be a very impt prerequisite for the interview. Just wait for the secretary contact you, it will usually take 2 to 3 wks.

  2. Hi! Do they only give you IQ and personality tests for an entrance exam? Hehe, I’m actually planning on applying in MCU but I’m not sure if I can pass the exam… 😦 is it hard?

    1. Hi. Don’t worry bec the exam is very easy and they don’t care much about the IQ exam. The personality exam (obviously, no pass or fail) is just to assess how well you can handle the stress and pressure in medschool.

      Just go, send your application. I am sure you’ll be accepted.

    1. Hello. Yes they do! But I guess they will have to check whether the curriculum matches. Better yet, just ask the registrar or the Medicine Secretary.

  3. Thank you for making this blog post. It’s very helpful to read what other people went through! I hope I’m not too late to apply, and I’m hoping I can be admitted to this school.

  4. Is it really need for Affidavit of non-enrollment to other Medical School after Graduation? Where can I get that affidavit? Or can I submit the affidavit later with my to follow credentials?

  5. Hello! I just finished my interview amd afterwards they just gave me a form and instructed me to undergo the medical examination. So I am assuming that I am in already, am I correct? Or there are other steps before you are officially accepted in Mcu?

  6. Hello! I am planning to apply in medschool next year and I am considering MCU. Can you tell me about their payment scheme? Do I have to pay half-half for the whole sem like other medschools? Or can I pay monthly or during exams? Also, are they strict when it comes to nmat cut-off and GWA? I am so paranoid I might not be accepted. Haha. Hope you’ll answer my questions. Thank you!

  7. First of all Im not Smart but it doesn’t mean that im a Dumb . I dont have any idea of what im doing but im Trying to Apply in MCU im really scared of what was The result in my Entrance exam and this ia vee difficult for me Because im here in isabela so im traveling to manila . Im not good in english especially in talking To each other using Language in English. Im so nervous even in the intervie . By the way thank you that i recognize your website

    1. Hi 🙂 You can speak in vernacular during the interview. Also, the exam is only for your psychological assessment. It does not have much bearing on your chances of “getting in”.

  8. Hello po. I am from Palawan and I am considering MCU for my medicine proper. wala po kasing Med school dito sa Palawan. I just want to ask if kailan po ang sched ng deadline for applications for SY 2019-2020. And tips po sana in entering med school. Thank you po.

  9. Hello po may i ask kung magkano tuition fee for second year ngaun and meron po ba kayong marecommend na dorm bukod sa dorm ng school. Thank you po

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