Say ‘Hi’, July!


Happy July 1st, BuJo junkies!

For this month’s Bullet Journal feature, I won’t be sharing more spread ideas. Instead, I’d like to share how to keep your stuffs for bullet journalling organized.

Btw, if you’ve noticed on the picture my spreads for this month will be in my vernacular language—Filipino.

Organizing and keeping all your stuffs for bullet journalling can be difficult at times specially for me who do not have a permanent place. I keep on moving my stuffs wherever my next study will be.

So this is what I do.

1. Keep a box where everything is intact. In that way, it’s very convenient to bring all your stuffs together. Whenever you need to go, you just have to pick up the box and the bullet journalling journey continues.

2. Segregate pens and markers on different pencil cases. As of now, I have three pencil cases. One for all the writing materials I often use. Another one for all the brushpens and brushmarkers. And the other one for all the highlighters and fineliners.

3. Place all washi tapes in a mesh. Washi tapes are the most difficult to bring on-the-go. All my washi tapes are kept in a mesh so I can easily see which color or design I want to use. In some intances, I cut only a small piece and roll it in a pencil or pen so I won’t have to bring the whole bulky mesh.

4. Have a separate case or container for other stuffs like scissors, glue, etc. It could be another pencil case or a small box whatever. For me, I keep my scissors, glue, paper clips and other small stuffs together.

5. Organize and clean regularly. We cannot avoid circumstances when we are in a rush and aren’t able to fix the stuffs we used. So it’s ideal to have a regular schedule of re-organizing and cleaning either our workplace or our on-the-go BuJo box. Throw away pens that aren’t inking anymore, small paper cuts, washi tape left overs, etc. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you do it.

I hope this five simple tips are helpful. Make the most of your bullet journalling experience by being neat and organized!



3 thoughts on “Say ‘Hi’, July!

  1. This way you can also easily spot which of your stuff is missing. As for the box, I try to find something that has compartments inside. It adds an additional layer of organization.

    Great tips!

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