Why I Chose To Study Medicine Outside AUP


Let me make this clear to you.

I love AUP. 

The reason I am writing this is plainly to explain myself to those people who have been asking me why I did not chose my beloved alma mater for a medical school. I have no bad intentions for AUP-COM (and AUP itself) neither to discourage anyone of you, readers, from considering the institution.

Everything you’ll be reading for the next paragraphs are my personal opinion and point of view based on the situation that I, and everyone else who are with me in this journey, are considering.

So, why?

Here are the reasons, realizations and reality why I came up with my decision.

1. I choose to be uncomfortable. I mean, who would not love being in her comfort zone? We all love to. But here’s the thing: becoming a Medical Doctor requires being pulled out from your comfort zone. 36-hour duties, midnight calls, missions to the barrios, etc. If that would be the set-up of my future career, I want to train myself as early as now. I choose to struggle outside my comfort zone to prepare me for greater struggles ahead.

2. Replant. In gardening, as sprouts grow we transfer them to bigger pots where the roots can freely expand. Upon profound reflections and pious prayers, God made me realize I am no sprout anymore. I’ve grown mature and responsible enough to be transfered to a bigger pot with a different soil (yes, it’s a big big world out here). I am fully aware of the conditions that I’ll have to overcome in order to survive. And yes, I bravely face the challenge! With God on my side, I am now ready to be replanted.

3. Experience God from a different perspective. I went to Adventist Institions from High School to College. And when it comes to my walk with God, I swear I couldn’t ask for more! Everything I need for my spiritual growth is there. I have experienced God from a perspective where I am comfortable.There’s no need to explain myself to everyone, why I do this and that, why I don’t eat this and that. But hearing stories from differemt people “outside the institution”, my mind was opened to bigger possibilities and wider point of view. And for that, I’ve decided I want to experience God from a perspective VERY MUCH different from what I’ve been used to. And as a brother would call it, it would be bittersweet.

On the other side of the coin, we are not meant to keep the light inside. We must go out and let the world see slivers of Truth through the light we bring.

4. Independence. Do I even have to explain this?? Out here, I have to learn everything by myself. From commuting (LRT, Taxi, Jeep) around Metro Manila to doing errands I don’t usually do inside my comfort zone. Survival of the fittest!

Well in fact, in the past few months of processing my enrolment I have already learned a lot! Here’s to more strong-independent-woman adventures!!

5. Family Matters. 

6. Wider network. In the professional world, having a wide network is a huge advantage. Being out here will allow me to establish new friendships, meet new people and hopefully build new networks. Although, my friends in college (you know who you are Awesome People) will always ALWAYS be my main. I cannot exchange them for anything or anyone.


This will be a great adventure, I guess??

Here’s to never stop learning and growing! So, help me God!




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