Random Reminder



I have been home for a week now. Because after all the many going-here-and-there for my medical school enrollment, I finally could have this well-deserved vacation (at least before class starts).

Tonight after dinner, I decided to revisit the bookshelf in our sala. It has been my ritual everytime I visit home to browse through the books that shaped my teenage and childhood.

I gently stroked my fingers on the book spines from self-help books to Chicken Soup for the Soul series to devotional books published by no other than our denomination’s Philippine Publishing House.

I decided to pick up the last book on the queue—You’re Worth It. It was the devotional book that sweetened my mornings back in second year high school. It feels nostalgic to have read its pages again, including those side notes written by the immature sophomore me.

Past the middle of the book, I found a green piece of paper which turns out to be a friendly note from a dear sister, Meriam. Meriam and I used to exchange small inspirational notes back then. But this one is somewhat special. It reads:

God will look you over, not for metals, not for diplomas, or degrees, but for scars.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.

That was one timely reminder. In fact, I am currently reading a book entitled The Scars That Shaped Me from desiringgod.com. This random reminder tonight is yet another epiphany for me to ponder upon as I brace myself for more struggles and suffering but most importantly MORE OVERCOMING!

His Grace will always be sufficient.


One thought on “Random Reminder

  1. “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.” I love this quote, a reminder to always look for the positive, that good things still happen even when bad things happen.

    Our Savior has overcome the world, and so are we because we are covered by His grace.

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