Sailing Through Life


There is a stirring in my soul; a restless, wild anticipation.

I am staring out into the horizon. As far as I can.

I can’t see what’s beyond it—but I can feel it.

—Lang Leav



Isn’t that what Moana was singing about—the line where the sky meets the sea, that line which no one knows how far it goes?

Flashback to the past 21 years of my life, I never expected I’ll be right where I am exactly right now. Back then, I was already staring into the horizon but no matter how I try to I can’t see a thing.

But I kept sailing. Unsure of what lies ahead but trusting that a Heavenly Hand is controlling the wind that pushes my sail to where it is supposed to be—where He intend it to be.

I sailed having that faith that my soul will one day find its island. Faith that not even the waves nor the winds could destroy. Faith that even though my sail breaks or my boat sinks, I will find that island.

I sailed. Amidst the storm. Conquering the wind. Dancing through the waves.

I sailed. And sailed. And sailed.

But I never found an island. Because I realized that this sailing will never stop. I’ll be constantly staring out into the horizon but I will never EVER reach it. Because life isn’t about where you are sailing to but WHY YOU ARE SAILING.

For me, I sail because I want to find out more. I don’t want to be contented to the small portion of the ocean I am currently at. I want to sail, to explore, to discover.

I sail because through sailing I have realized that I am not the captain of this trip. He is the Captain. It is He who decides where to go, when to start and when to stop.

I sail because I want know more and to experience more about my Captain.

It doesn’t matter that I cannot see beyond the horizon. What matters is that I always keep my eyes toward it.

Let us sail through life with endurance, keeping our eyes on Jesus. Laying aside every hindrance and putting off every sin that easily entangles. 

“Sailing, I am sailing home. With Christ in my vessel, I can smile at the storm until He guides me home.”


Sailing still,




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