Remember Your WHY

As part of the Orientation Week for the freshmen medical students, the MCU College of Medicine conducted a motivational seminar for us earlier today.

Doctor Didoy Lubaton was the invited speaker. He is a practicing medical doctor who is an advocate of natural and holistic health. At the same time, he is a motivational speaker and is an active preacher in their church under the leadership of Bo Sanchez (a well-known motivational speaker and author of several self-help books). Dr. Didoy has a beautiful story of how God can change one’s life when it is surrendered to Him.

I was so inspired about his talk and so I bought his book (and I am currently reading it) entitled Don’t Let Them Lose You: How To Take Care of Your Health So You Can Take Care of Others. Plus, I had it signed and autographed by him (will write a review of the book sooooon).

Dr. Didoy’s motivation for studying medicine was his sick father. Unfortunately, on his sophomore year his father died. Since then, he lost his motivation on becoming a medical doctor but still continued on schooling for the sake of his scholarship. His was an inspiring story of how God called him back after losing his way. He actually thought of pursuing other careers but God seemed to have a different plan for him. He met Bo Sanchez who told him, “God has a plan” and that is what he held onto. 

At the beginning of his talk, he asked us WHY we are here. And that is when the gist of his talk comes in.


For him, his why was his sick father. But he lost it sooner after he began studying.

It got me thinking. What are my WHYs? Why have I decided to pursue medicine which will cost me much time, money and effort? Why?

Upon profound reflection, I came up with two general answers.

So readers, here are my two WHYs.

No matter how much I wanted to help people, I can’t because I am limited. My profession is only for laboratory work. No matter how much I desire to help people cope up with their disease, no matter how much I want to tell them not to do this and that, I can’t because I do not have the power and the authority. Based on my experiences in the hospital, the Doctor is always the boss. When he says do this, you should do it although you know for yourself that there is a better way other than what he said. When a patient asks something and you tell them this and that, they would believe you not until they realize you are not a doctor. Well that is reality. 

For that reason, I realized I will be more effective and efficient in helping people IF I have that power and authority. So I said to myself I am going to get that power. No matter how long it would take and how difficult the road is I am going to get that power. Because it is the only way I could serve God and the community more effectively and efficiently.

I realized the importance of having someone in the family who is in the medical field. None in my family is in the medical field except me. When a family member gets sick, it is hard not to have someone who at least understands the situation and knows what to do. We cannot always depend on others. That is why it is very important that within the family, somebody is knowledgeable enough about health and medicine. Just to make it clear, none in our family has a chronic illness or such. But yes, my family is my major why.

You might ask me, isn’t money a part of your whys? Yes of course. But it is only secondary. As what Dr. Didoy said, PEOPLE before PROFIT.

Seeing people get through their illness is rewarding enough more than the money. Hearing them say a sincere Thank You and knowing that you have touched their lives in one way or another is more than any amount of profit there is.

You might say I have no experience with people yet but NO. I have been to several medical missions already plus I have had several experiences in a huge hospital in Cebu and I have personally experienced that satisfying feeling of helping people get through their illness. And that was as a Medical Technologist. I wonder how much more satisfying and rewarding it will be if I experience that as a Medical Doctor.

Dr. Didoy also pointed out that being in a medical school is a precious opportunity. There are so many people out there who wished they were in our position. So we must value this rare opportunity to which God has called us to (read the blog post Called…But Am I Qualified on this link).

More so, we always have to remember that bigger than the calling is the Caller. Dr. Didoy could testify, you cannot tell how your simple Yes to God, the Caller, would change your life.

So, remember your WHY. It has to be big enough that no matter what circumstance you will be into, you will always get through it. 

My heart and my flesh will fail; but God is strength of my heart forever,

P. S. In Dr. Didoy’s talk, WHY is an acronym for (1) Work on It, (2) Have Good Company, and (3) Yield to God.


6 thoughts on “Remember Your WHY

  1. Hi! Just want to know if there are scholarships offered to those with Latin Honors(undergrad) and how much is the Tuition Fee per semester in MCU-COM! Thanks a lot and Congrats on your Med journey by the way! (Aspiring med-student here!)

    1. Hi! Yes, there are scholarships offered for those with latin honors. I am not sure what the mechanics are, but I am sure there is a maintaining grade. Approximately 112K per sem is the tuition fee 🙂

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