Keeping a Bullet Journal in MedSchool


Hello there, bujo junkies!

I have been really busy this month but I’m glad I was able to keep up with my Bullet Journal, which, to be honest, has been of great help to me in medical school.

First of all, I used my bullet journal to keep track of my health which is of prime importance to me as of the moment (you can’t get sick, Ica).  I always make sure I was able to take in my vitamins, eat fruits, get enough sleep and stay positive everyday.



The pictures above are my habit trackers for this month. The main tracker is primarily for my spiritual health (devotions and prayer) and my physical health (food and vitamins). The second one is my Sleep Tracker from which you would notice I barely slept on the last few days of the month. Med life happened! Huhu. And the last one is my Mood Tracker from which I could reflect upon how I handled the stress and pressure of being in the medical school.

Is keeping a Bujo in medschool time-consuming? Not really. What I did was I already made the layout a week before the month began and I only added up details as I logged in daily. It’s just a matter of 3 to 5 minutes to be able to keep track of your daily progress, so it’s not as time-consuming as you think it is.

In fact, keeping a bullet journal in medical school has also been my way of distressing. Because I am very fond of stationaries and stuff, I though I could take advantage of this fondness by using it as a stress outlet. It works!

Of course, we can’t leave daily logs behind. I also used my bullet journal to keep track of the upcoming quizzes and exams I have to prepare for. In that way, I would always be aware of which tasks are the urgent and important and which ones are not.

So basically, that is all for my August Bullet Journal. I am up to layout my September spreads tonight because it’s a long weekend for me again (yeeey)! Thank you for reading and always remember to do what makes you happy despite of your busy schedule. For me, that is bullet journalling.



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