So, How’s Medical School?

It’s October 1 today! And I really can’t believe I have been sleep deprived for two months now!

Nevertheless, two months has been long enough for me to gain experiences or rather “milestones” in my journey to MD.

So, how’s medical school? Great! I am enjoying it and I praise God I am doing fine, so far.

Here are some important milestones I’d like to share with you, readers (if ever there is any haha).

1. I got my first ever personal LITTMAN STETHOSCOPE! I don’t know but it has a dopamine-effect on me. Every time I hold it, I see it, I smell it (yeah I smell  it, don’t judge haha) I feel a strange kind of happiness that motivates and inspires me to study harder. On the other hand, we have already began our practical lectures on patient consultation and as of now, we are studying Cardiology which will soon cover topics on auscultation.

2. CADAVER DISSECTION AT ITS FINEST! Three times a week, yow! For one to two hours each day. At first, it seemed very unpleasant to me. I can’t stay long because of the smell, the gross structures (which looks like the chicken leg or the beef steak I am eating for lunch), and most of all the thought that it was a DEAD HUMAN BODY—once a person like me who can feel and think. But as time goes on, I became used to it. WELL I HAVE NO CHOICE! HAHAHAHA. We’re already done with the upper limb and the lower limb and for this week we are currently studying the mediastinum and its contents. By the way, there were about 10 cadavers all in all.

3. I am super satisfied with my prelim grades. I praise God because I can really feel His guidance for the first term of never-ending exams and quizzes in medical school. I have been praying a lot for His help because I know for myself I cannot survive all these tests and I praise Him because His answers are ALWAYS more than what I asked for. Every time exam results are posted on the bulletin, my heart would go on tacchycardia but there is always a strange feeling of peace that calms me down. And whenever I look for my name on the long list of scores in the bulletin board, I never get disappointed. It’s not that I never get low scores but I always do pass. And you know what, there were several subjects where I got the highest scores. I don’t know how but I know WHO did it. And it definitely has nothing to do with me.

4. Everything I studied in pre-med (Medical Laboratory Science) makes sense to me now. I mean, there were several concepts that I understand better now that when I am in college. And I would say that my pre-med course is really an advantage because 80% of all out topics in medical school were already discussed during pre-med and specially during the board exam review.

5. I matured in many aspects, in different ways. It is hard to explain but I am sure I really matured. My perspective of things has changed rapidly and how I deal with stuffs has also changed. I am sure it is for the better.

So, all in all…

Two months in medical school was fine! I am enjoying the journey which includes lots of sleepless nights and unhealthy habits (ironic for a health professional, yeah?) but I am MOST enjoying the company of the EVERLASTING ARMS who has been there since the day I dreamt of becoming a Doctor.

That’s all for now, folks. I still have to study three chapters on Cardiac Physiology. ‘Til next time!




11 thoughts on “So, How’s Medical School?

  1. Great achievements! You surely need to celebrate these milestones. And you know what, it’s not really the smartest person in the class that comes out successful. It’s the one who possesses the great attitude. Keep your arrows pointing upward!

  2. This post brought me back to the good old days of my stay in medical school. Gross Anatomy was my favorite. It kind of made me feel like a real physician the most among all other subjects. :)) Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. I wish you many productive study sessions! My Fiance is in Medical school, and he is so close to the start of his clinical rotations. It’s an exciting time, and I can’t believe you’ve found the time to blog ! Good luck 🙂

  4. Hello po. Sobrang inspiring ng stories nyo about med school life. I’m planning to study in your school too this school year. Any tips po? Re academics, school, working environment, profs, student orgs/activities, etc. ask ko lang din po how many students per batch? Hehe. Thanks po! Hope to meet you someday. 🙂 lastna po kailan po start ng school year for 2018-2019? Salamat ng madami!!! 😊😊😊

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