November Bullet Journal Overview

Hello BuJo junkies! Here’s an overview of my November BuJo Layout.


I decided to put this quote because November will be a very busy and challenging month for me. We are almost done with the first semester and that means lots of exams to take. I need to constantly remind myself that there is always hope and that I can make it through despite the hardships.



I decidesld to keep my monthly overview this simple so that I can easily glance through all my activities in just one page. Although, I haven’t written anything yet because I am still waiting for the final set of schedules.



I also kept my trackers minimalistic for this month because I am trying to keep only the “important stuffs” in mind. It is some sort of conserving my brain’s energy for med-school related stuffs.



Unlike my weekly views on the previous months, I have this “prepare ahead” page every week which consists of the daily schedule for each subject in the whole week. Since I use color-coding in my study style, it is very easy for my to know that green is for Anatomy and yellow is for Biochemistry. This page helps me to know which stuff I have to read in advance and things I have to expect for the week.


Generally, my November hasn’t been totally planned yet because there are lots of holidays in Metro Manila so there will be lots of schedule adjustments too.

But I am hoping and praying that everything will go well with this month.

Thank you for reading and happy bullet journalling, fellas!



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