A High NMAT Score Does Not Guarantee Success as A Medical Student

I am not saying that you shouldn’t aim for a high NMAT score. To be honest, I want you to excel. But I also want you to know that when you get that high score you aimed for, it is not a guarantee for success in your medical career.

I have known many with NMAT scores below 50 but are excelling in both academics and extracurricular. Some even graduated with flying colors. I also know a few who did well in NMAT but unfortunately for them, they are having a hard time coping up in med. Some even did fail some courses.

This only goes to show that your performance in medical school is independent of the NMAT score you get. Besides, once you get into medical school NO ONE will ever ask how you did on NMAT. The fact that you got in makes you equal with every other student, regardless of your NMAT scores.

But why do we even have to take NMAT before enrolling? Aside from it is being required by the executive council of the Philippine Medical Association, NMAT is a good measure on your basic knowledge about sciences and it also serves as a preparatory review course for the subjects you will be taking (especially on your first year).

I only realized this after my first semester in medical school.

When I was still reviewing for NMAT, I really don’t get the point of studying concepts in physics, plant biology and such. What do these things have to do with being a doctor. But when I started having my courses in Physiology, Anatomy and Biochemistry, I realized these basic sciences are the primary basis for the normal functioning of the human body.

Who would have thought Parallel and Series Circuits in Physics are analogous to Parallel and Series Vascular Networks in Physiology? I never thought that the basic governing rules of the physical sciences are the very same rules that govern the human body and even the diseases that affect it. Yes, 9.8m/s^2 is in fact a precipitating factor to having gout in your big toe.

At first, I really don’t see the point of memorizing all the atomic numbers of the basic elements in Chemistry until I came to realize these are very important in all the biochemical processes of the human body.

Even the mechanics of hearing and seeing are all based on the concepts I once thought unimportant.

You might not get what I am saying but once you get into medical school, I’m sure you’ll do! And I want you to take note of the day that the mitochondria went from being the ‘powerhouse of the cell’ to ‘the ATP synthesis by oxidative phosphorylation’ because that will change your life forever!

So while you’re NMAT score has nothing to do with your medical school performance, it is still important that you take it seriously and you give it your best shot. It is all for your benefit.

And when you’re in medical school already, never ever lose your fire. Do everything with the same enthusiasm you had while preparing for your NMAT. And even though you get tired along the way, remember that this career you chose is a career of non-stop studying. Your success will depend greatly on your passion to learn not just for now but for a lifetime.


Wishing you all the best,





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