When the Heart is Stirred and the Spirit is Moved



In my Bible reading tonight, one particular truth impressed me. In Exodus 35 it mentions about how the Israelites’ hearts were stirred and their spirits were moved after Moses called out for help in building the temple.

Moses did not say they “must” bring this and that. All he said was “all who are willing” may do what he commands.

Did you know what happened next?

Because the hearts were stirred and the spirits were moved, the people brought more than what is expected of them. It even came to a point when Moses asked them not to bring anything anymore, to stop exerting effort, because the craftsmen building the temple said that the supplies are already overflowing and they have no idea what to do about it.


Reading further there was a mention Bezalel and Oholiab whom God has filled with intelligence, skill and knowledge regarding craftsmanship. I do believe they represent those people whom God calls for special tasks hence the endowment of special skills.

But verse 2 of chapter 36 does not end there. All those whose HEARTS were STIRRED also came up to do the work of building the temple. There was no mention if these people were also bestowed with special knowledge and skills. All that defined them was their WILLINGNESS.

My point is simple. We can give God our best service if in the first place we let Him stir our hearts and move our spirits. There are those whom He calls with special talents for specific tasks but all He really asks of us is a WILLING HEART.

“God will not be pleased with anything less than the best we can offer.” -EGW

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