Back to…well, reality

Window seat. As always. I made sure I finished my online check-in before I went to sleep last night. My flight’s at 7 AM, first of the day. With @flypal as always.

I didn’t want to go yet. Not a part of me was ready for anything today. As an incoming 3rd year medical student, I was given only a month of vacation — of which mostly I spent at the hospital because some random mosquito injected Dengue Virus into my blood. I still want MORE vacation but do I have a choice? Our comprehensive exam is in the following day and I only have today and tomorrow to study (cram) for it.

So early this morning, I found myself at the airport sipping some coffee, reading a book I randomly picked from my baggage.

The book was good! But no, not talking about it here right now. Wait for another blog post for a book review! Haha lols

The reason why I always choose an early morning flight is because there are less probability of delays. Plus, there are very few people at the airport during that time. Less lines to fall into, less commotion, less people interaction (introvert here!! haha). Also, I’ll be able to maximize the entire day because I’ll also arrive early.

As usual, no delays. There were empty seats on the aircraft including the two seats behind me and the entire row on my front left. For a moment it felt like I hired the entire aircraft. Haha

I arrived at MNL 15 minutes earlier than the ETA. My boyfriend was already waiting for me outside the airport. He was more than ready to assist me with my errands for the day.

We ate lunch at a korean barbeque restaurant in celebration of our 50th monthsary tomorrow. Then he assisted me everywhere I went buying stuffs etc etc. We rested for a moment at a coffeeshop because both our soles were already hurting so bad because of the long-distance walks. Then we went doing errands again.

I came back to my dormitory just before sunset and after an hour of rest I started cleaning my entire room. Just to be clear, when I clean I really CLEAN. I mean not just a surface-kind-of-clean but a clean-everything-up-to-the-tiniest-detail sort of clean.

It took me 4 hours doing my OC-cleaning. That is why right now, the entire day’s pagod is all over my body I can barely move.

Tomorrow I’ll be cramming for our comprehensive exam which includes 10 subjects! How to study for that!!??Huhu.

Tonight, I’m just longing for sleep. The fact that I am already back here and that my vacation is already over hasn’t yet sinked in. Well tomorrow I’ll be literally waking up to reality.

So hello self, we’re here. We’re back. Daydream’s over!!!

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