I have been having the worst feelings in the world recently. I know and I'm aware how I am very prone to having thoughts of being unwanted, unloved and unimportant. But this time I don't think it's just me overthinking. It seems to me that people don't really understand me, and most of the time, … Continue reading least.

Chapter 1

For some reason, I never skip the first chapter or the preface of my medical textbooks (hello bookworms). I don't mind skipping chapter 9, chapter 57, or even chapter 120 as long as I have read and understood the first precious pages. You'll be amazed why. Chapter 1 (or in some textbooks th9e Preface) discuss … Continue reading Chapter 1

Year 1, Done!

I officially waved goodbye to being a freshman medical student last week with an ironic feeling between let's-celebrate-this-a-huge-accomplishment and wait-you-are-just-on-the-first-step-of-a-hundred-step-ladder. Nevertheless, I can't deny the fact that I am really happy I survived year one alive (that was a year of torment with biochemistry garnished with anatomy and physiology). I had my fair share of … Continue reading Year 1, Done!

Winning In Medicine


I entered medical school as a fresh university graduate steaming with life and dream. I could say with my own standards that I was prepared well by the academe, by the church and by my self-pep talk for the next season I had to weather. The cry of my heart was to bloom where I was planted and the song of my spirit was, “Lord, here I am use me; send me for your glory.” I was fully aware of my purpose. But later on I would come to realize that to live it out was a different territory.

It didn’t take long since I had a step in to medicine, that I was thieved of enthusiasm and excellence. I was trapped in an endless cycle of pressure, faithlessness and grace. Thankfully, the Father always had a way of rescuing before I was won over by the system. I woke…

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The Day 7-Eleven Ran Out of Pineapple Juice

First things first. I go to 7-Eleven everyday. Like, everyday EVERYDAY (except for weekends when I go somewhere else). But on a regular basis, my day isn't complete without visiting that well-known convenient store in the Philippines which you can find in almost every corner of the street. October 26, 2017 | 03:30 pm I … Continue reading The Day 7-Eleven Ran Out of Pineapple Juice