Is the 2018 Starbucks Planner Worth It?

What is in this planner that people go crazy about? Well, to be honest I am one of those people. And I have no idea why I am crazy about it. Strange, yeah? This is my second Starbucks planner and I must say last year's was indeed worth it! In this blog post, I'd like … Continue reading Is the 2018 Starbucks Planner Worth It?


Stabilo Mini Pastel Love

Yes! Finally got the limited edition mini pastels. For those who are interested, these are available only in select bookstores in Metro Manila. I bought mine from National Bookstore Shangri-La Plaza for Php 49.75 each. Yep, same price with the original pastel. Other stores are NBS SM North, NBS Glorietta, NBS Trinoma, NBS Fairview and … Continue reading Stabilo Mini Pastel Love


Here's a mini tour to what's inside my pencil cases. Yes, I have many. Haha. I decided to make swatches to make them look even better. Forgive the crooked lines. So basically, these are the pens and markers I use for my journals. It's nice to have different shades of different colors so you can … Continue reading Swatches