The Day 7-Eleven Ran Out of Pineapple Juice

First things first. I go to 7-Eleven everyday. Like, everyday EVERYDAY (except for weekends when I go somewhere else). But on a regular basis, my day isn't complete without visiting that well-known convenient store in the Philippines which you can find in almost every corner of the street. October 26, 2017 | 03:30 pm I … Continue reading The Day 7-Eleven Ran Out of Pineapple Juice


Sailing Through Life

There is a stirring in my soul; a restless, wild anticipation. I am staring out into the horizon. As far as I can. I can't see what's beyond it---but I can feel it. ---Lang Leav   Horizon. Isn't that what Moana was singing about---the line where the sky meets the sea, that line which no one knows … Continue reading Sailing Through Life