Chapter 1

For some reason, I never skip the first chapter or the preface of my medical textbooks (hello bookworms). I don't mind skipping chapter 9, chapter 57, or even chapter 120 as long as I have read and understood the first precious pages. You'll be amazed why. Chapter 1 (or in some textbooks the Preface) discuss … Continue reading Chapter 1

Year 2, Done!

Cheers for the gallons of coffee I've consumed this school year! Most people say that 2nd year is the most difficult year in medical school. While some say that Medtechs have an edge because most subjects are basic Medical Technology courses. Well, these are both true (at least for me). But right now it doesn't … Continue reading Year 2, Done!

Year 1, Done!

I officially waved goodbye to being a freshman medical student last week with an ironic feeling between let's-celebrate-this-a-huge-accomplishment and wait-you-are-just-on-the-first-step-of-a-hundred-step-ladder. Nevertheless, I can't deny the fact that I am really happy I survived year one alive (that was a year of torment with biochemistry garnished with anatomy and physiology). I had my fair share of … Continue reading Year 1, Done!

Winning In Medicine


I entered medical school as a fresh university graduate steaming with life and dream. I could say with my own standards that I was prepared well by the academe, by the church and by my self-pep talk for the next season I had to weather. The cry of my heart was to bloom where I was planted and the song of my spirit was, “Lord, here I am use me; send me for your glory.” I was fully aware of my purpose. But later on I would come to realize that to live it out was a different territory.

It didn’t take long since I had a step in to medicine, that I was thieved of enthusiasm and excellence. I was trapped in an endless cycle of pressure, faithlessness and grace. Thankfully, the Father always had a way of rescuing before I was won over by the system. I woke…

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The Day 7-Eleven Ran Out of Pineapple Juice

First things first. I go to 7-Eleven everyday. Like, everyday EVERYDAY (except for weekends when I go somewhere else). But on a regular basis, my day isn't complete without visiting that well-known convenient store in the Philippines which you can find in almost every corner of the street. October 26, 2017 | 03:30 pm I … Continue reading The Day 7-Eleven Ran Out of Pineapple Juice