#MedSchoolSurvivalSeries SELF-CARE

How can I be an effective health care giver if I myself can't take care of myself and is sickly? This is what I always tell myself. That is why I've been trying my best to minimize health compromises as I keep my academics a priority. You know, what makes medical school really hard is … Continue reading #MedSchoolSurvivalSeries SELF-CARE

#MedSchoolSurvivalSeries STUDY HABITS

I am still in awe that the first semester is already over! A few months back, I have been blogging about my uncertainties regarding medschool but here I am now---grateful and satisfied for the tough times I had during my first five months in med. Because of that, I decided to create¬†MedSchool Survival Series¬†with this … Continue reading #MedSchoolSurvivalSeries STUDY HABITS