Year 1, Done!

I officially waved goodbye to being a freshman medical student last week with an ironic feeling between let's-celebrate-this-a-huge-accomplishment and wait-you-are-just-on-the-first-step-of-a-hundred-step-ladder. Nevertheless, I can't deny the fact that I am really happy I survived year one alive (that was a year of torment with biochemistry garnished with anatomy and physiology). I had my fair share of … Continue reading Year 1, Done!

Where Do You Go For Strength?

"Pagod na ako"  is a phrase I've been trying so hard to keep out of my mind. I have this belief that you will become whatever you tell yourself so I've been doing a lot of self-motivation and been refraining from any self-inflicted negative vibes. It's almost the end of my first semester in medical … Continue reading Where Do You Go For Strength?